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Chillstep Mix

Chillstep Mix

Chillstep Mix

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Artist: Wilks

Eric Wilkinson, aka, Wilks, is a dirty house master. His style incorporates the best elements of raw bassline house along with a healthy dose of old school west coast hip hop. The resulting mixture is almost nostalgic yet totally new and reinvented.

What really makes Wilks unique is that he hasn't really conformed to the new deep house infatuation...he's paved his own lane. He's been able to stay just ahead of the curve by combining the best elements of house with the raw, grimy appeal of hip hop. The synergistic combination has propelled him into a class unto himself: catchy as hell, immediately recognizable, yet properly unique and with a sort of grimy depth that you rarely come across.

Regardless of how you define it, his sound is undeniable and extremely well suited to smash dance floors all summer long. He's already provided direct support for Bob Sinclar, Riva Starr, Treasure Fingers, Pipes, Thomas Jack, Purity Ring and many others. With summer quickly approaching, his status will only grow and I'd predict some major headlining gigs in the next 6 months.

His new EP is due to drop in a few months and having heard some of it already I can say with authority, it's his best work yet. It's going to be fun to watch this young artist really break into the main stream in 2015.

Make sure to check out his user page on SpotlightEDM and follow him on his Twitter and Soundcloud . You heard it here first! (1/16/2015)

Artist: Black Girl White Girl

It's amazing to see two female Dj's come onto the scene and get it totally right. These two - one from Amsterdam, one from Tel Aviv (aka "black girl white girl")- have been curating the best deep/tech house there is to offer and serving it up via amazing Blackgirlwhitegirl hour-long DJ mixes.

While the electronic music spectrum is full of producers that could be described as unique, you'll be hard pressed to find a female ensemble who mix it up like these two. With an uncompromising love for Chicago house, their sound switches with ease as it takes influence from current styles of bass, garage & R&B. The emerging sound sound is undeniably catered to the dance floor.

BLACK GIRL/WHITE GIRL are currently based and making music in the amazing city of Tel Aviv, Israel. With a steady flow of productions being released, it seems that the girls have built a solid platform from which to take on 2014 and beyond. Make sure to check their entire collection out here . Follow them on and Twitter and Facebook as well. you heard it here first. (8/22/2014)

Artist: Autograf

Autograf is an anomaly in the pool of super talented music creators. How long have they been making music? Not even a year...that's it. What'd they do before then? Well, just about everything. Sculpting, graphic design, fine arts, basically everything that's artistically challenging. Turns out Autograf is equally gifted in the musical realm.

From starting out with some street art around Chicago with the only identifier being the words 'Autograf' on wheat pastings, these three have quickly figured out how to jump artforms and make deep, powerful and undeniably amazing house tracks. With 1.5 million Soundcloud plays and growing, Autograf has gained critical acclaim in the blogosphere being named to Indie Shuffles annual Best Remixes award along with numerous features on ThisSongIsSick, Thump/Vice, Dancing Astronaut, Gotta Dance Dirty and more. True talent is obvious, and basically, everyone is taking notice.

The future is bright for these super talented producers. Do yourself a favor and check out ALL their songs on their user page. Each is just as brilliant as the next. Follow them on their Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date with new shows, releases, etc. Make sure to share their amazing music and accelerate their rise to stardom. You heard it here first! (6/20/2014)

Artist: OLWIK

I'm not sure what I was doing at 17 but it sure as hell wasn't producing tracks like Herman Olvik, aka OLWIK. Beautiful, intricate, moving, and dare I say, Alesso-esk, OLWIK knows exactly how to emotionally move people with sounds. His background in music theory provides him with the knowhow to fashion absolutely beautiful melodies...and my god does he put that to good use.

With the biggest stages in the world clearly in his sights, OLWIK masterfully crafts progressive house tunes that somehow, almost effortlessly, breath new life into a genre that has largely become stale since about 2012. With big distorted kicks and 'Animal-esk' upper register percussive sounds reigning supreme, it's awesome to see someone cut through the noise and show that at the end of the day, a drop is fun, but a melody is moving. Well done.

At only 17 the sky's the limit for OLWIK. His initial offerings on soundcloud have been fantastic...from the remix of Pendulum's - 'The Island ' to his original Infinitude , his undeniable talent shines through in every track. It will be a treat to see him climb the ranks considering how relatively unknown he is at the moment. It's our hope we can help speed that process along.

Want to help his inevitable rise to stardom? Make sure you share his OLWIK Spotlight user page with friends and keep up with him on Twitter and Facebook. You heard it here first! (5/30/2014)

Artist: Alpha Noize

Hailing from Finland, Allan Nyman aka Alpha Noize is an up and coming dubstep producer with some serious skill. With a sound that's somewhere between Point Blank and Must Die, his wonky productions tastefully incorporate big aggressive leads, melodic builds and a ridiculous amount of head-nodding swing. Sure you can make a song drop hard. Sure you can create a massive lead that sounds like the speakers are tearing in half. But that's not really what hooks people. There has to be a balance between melody and aggressiveness, i'll call it musicality, and his tracks tread that line perfectly.

After several collaborations with the likes of Panda Eyes and EH!DE, countless features on the EDM Network, and signing to Raving Badger, this young producer is well poised to explode onto the scene in the near future. His dedication to the craft pushes him to crank out massive tunes on the regular, so make sure to keep up with him over on his Facebook and Twitter. Oh and one last thing, he's working on an entirely free EP that in his words "will be hugee!!". We can't wait :) (5/2/2014)