Can I contribute a song to the site?

Yes, anyone can, and this is the real difference between us and typical music site. Once you login (which you can do with Facebook in about 2 seconds), click ‘add audio’ and you can link any song or mix from Soundcloud using just the URL. We have a bot that sweeps in the rest of the info (track/artist/artwork) for you. You also have the opportunity to say whether the audio is self produced, a mix or a track, downloadable, and signed or unsigned. These 4 markers populate our system on the back end and are used for the advanced filters.

As a producer or DJ, how is this site useful for me?

Labels are constantly looking for amazing new talent but typically have to sort through mounds of demo submissions to find that one great track or mix...we make that process much easier for them.   As a Spotlight user, we give you the opportunity to submit your work, give you your own user page, allow you to voice your opinion through voting, and provide you with a platform to promote your brand and be noticed.

Why do labels care about SpotlightEDM?

Because we make their jobs easier with our unique filtration system.  All you have to do to find quality unsigned tracks is select a genre, activate a few advanced filters (top tracks, self produced, unsigned), and bam, that's it…no more scouring SC with the hope that you bump into something worth considering, it just falls out that easily.  

What are these advanced ‘filters’ you speak of?

The vertical black bar on the left houses all of the genres and filters. The filers are cumulative in the sense that you can activate more and more to refine your search criteria. Example: you want to download the best unsigned electro house. So you click the electro house genre, sort by best tracks, click self produced, click download, and boom, there’s your selections.  Our player will sequentially run through the tracks in the order they appear on the screen.  Want to deactivate a filter? click the ‘x’ next to it.  

Do my plays carry over to Soundcloud?

Yes.  Since we’re not hosting any of the tracks ourselves, every play from our site will carry over to your Soundcloud play count.

Can you assort tracks by the number of plays?

No.  Quality is what counts, not plays (although a lot of people seem to mix the two).  Our voting system ensures that regardless of playcount, good music will always be easy to find.  

Can I share a track from SpotlightEDM?

Of course.  Just click the ‘share’ icon (which lives right next to add audio) on the navigation bar and copy/paste the URL into any social media platform.  When clicked, a window will open and that song will automatically start playing.

How can I tell who contributed this track?

If you hover over any track, it will show you who linked up the song, how many plays it has, and what the upvote/downvote percentage is. If you click on the username, it will take you to their page. There you can find the users social media links, bio, pic, home town, etc.

What other ways can Spotlight help me promote my brand?

We do monthly mixes that feature only songs from the site.  If you would like to be considered for a guest mix, please shoot us a demo of your best work.

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.  
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Keep sharing what you love, thanks!